Vehicle Eligibility
- Only Subaru vehicles are eligible.
- Vehicles with less than 80,000 odometer miles.
- Vehicles from current model year and the preceding 5 years .
- Vehicles distributed by Subaru of America, Inc. for sale by its dealers in the continental United States and Alaska.
What a CPO Vehicle isn't:
- A vehicle previously used for racing, emergency vehicle applications or other extreme uses for which the vehicle was not designed.
- Vehicles with an undocumented odometer change, falsified mileage accumulation, interrupted or limited odometer occurrence, or any vehicle whose true mileage cannot be determined.
- Vehicles with branded titles for "totaled", "salvage", "rebuilt", "Lemon Law", "flood", and/or "water damage" regardless of their repaired or service status.
- Vehicles sold with wholesale or retail disclosures.
- Vehicles that have been abused or neglected resulting in premature wear or damage as determined by an Authorized Subaru Dealer.
- Vehicles where it is evident that the recommended scheduled maintenance has not been performed as determined by an Authorized Subaru Dealer.
- Vehicles that have sustained structural or unibody damage that have not been repaired according to industry standards.
- Vehicles with environmental damage such as flooding, hail, etc.
- Vehicles that have been altered from their original design specification in any manner. These alterations include, but are not limited to tire, wheel, suspension, powertrain performance, and aftermarket accessory installations, etc.
- Vehicles used commercially do not qualify for this program.

Program Coverage Period
All Certified Pre-Owned vehicles need to be 5 years old and newer and have less then 80,000 miles on the odometer.

The CERTIFIED PLAN coverage begins on the date of the sale of the used car and at the mileage appearing on the odometer on the date of sale. Coverage expires when the selected plan years have elapsed from the original warranty in-service date or when the odometer reaches 100,000 miles, whichever occurs first.
What it covers:

- Towing
When a covered breakdown disables the vehicle, making it inoperable or unsafe to drive, Subaru Added Security will pay for emergency road service labor or towing expenses up to the amount indicated on the customer's Agreement.

- Car Rental Expense
Car rental expense coverage applies when the vehicle will be in a shop overnight to repair a covered breakdown that has disable the vehicle making in inoperable or unsafe to drive. Subaru Added Security will pay the actual expenses up the maximum daily rate indicated on the customer's Agreement (not to exceed 5 days).

- Roadside Assistance
You are also eligible for the following: Computerized Lost Key Retrieval System, Trip Routing and Map Service, Auto and RV Rental Discounts, location of the nearest Subaru dealer, hotel, travel or rental car agency, and other benefits. Certain of these benefits are not available in every state.

- Program Deductible
A deductible applies to each repair visit, even if more than one covered repair is performed. The deductible does not apply to vehicle rental expense, towing and road service. See the individual agreement for deductible amount.