What are the Puppy Games?

Quick background - Sellers Subaru is a proud partner of Leader Dogs for the Blind, an organization that empowers people who are blind, visually impaired or Deaf-Blind with skills for a lifetime, opening doors that may seem to have closed with the loss of sight. Leader Dog's programs give clients the confidence and skills they need to live independent lives. 

Leader Dogs is truly a fantastic organization, and we wanted to share some of our work together in a fun way. Collectively we came up with a few ideas, but the one that kept coming back was to create a series of videos with a sporting-event theme. From there, we decided to have Leader Dog puppies represent Subaru teams in a variety of activities a puppy would come across. From there things took off and we created "The Puppy Games".

We hope you enjoy!

Sellers Subaru + Leader Dogs for the Blind

The Coaches

This short film addresses the ways the coaches approached training their puppies, and what competitive event they are looking forward to most.

The Opening Ceremony

The day has finally arrived for the opening ceremony, join us as we watch the introduction of each team. Pick your favorite, and root them on throughout the games!

1st Event - The 40 Paw Dash

The first event of the Puppy Games is upon us. Team WRX made it clear that they want to take this one, but is there a contender that can go paw-to-paw?

2nd Event - Interpretive Swimming

Event 2: Interpretive Swimming - who will win? Can Team WRX maintain their lead after demolishing the 40 Paw Dash? #puppygames (this is interpretive not synchronized swimming, we made a typo in the previous video - too many puppies running around)

3rd Event - 2-Team Rugby

Well folks, it's time for the 3rd event - a unique 2-team setup where we'll see Forester and Legacy face off against WRX and Outback in a tough match of Rugby! #puppygames Leader Dogs for the Blind Sellers Subaru

4th Event - King of the Hill
We had a weather delay due to all the rain today - we were however able to bring the King of the Hill event indoors - and boy did it get competetive! Check out who came out on top! #puppygames Leader Dogs for the Blind Sellers Subaru

5th Event - Competitive Sleeping

Who will win in one of the toughest competitions of the Puppy Games: Competitive Sleeping?
We're down to the last stretch! Only one more event remains!!!
This specific competition was brutal, and a lot of the footage remained on the cutting room floor, enjoy :)

6th Event - Competitive Eating
Do you hear that? It's the dinner bell!
Time for the final event of the Puppy Games 2016: Competitive Eating! Who has the biggest appetite? Who can eat the quickest? Find out this and more!

Award Ceremony

The highly-anticipated Puppy Games have come to an end, with the award ceremony taking place to recognize all the accomplishments of these fine puppies!