You're in the driver's seat.

There's a reason our tagline is "Reputation Is Everything".
We want to give you the absolute best experience,
tailored to your individual needs.

Complete Transparency.

We know to give you the absolute best experience, we must provide a process that matches exceeds your expectations.


We've taken steps to dramatically reduce your time in the dealership to get you to the fun part


That's why now....
You drive your experience.

Get a customized price for your next vehicle,
submit a credit app and more...but we're getting ahead of ourselves.

You may have seen some of these tools before,
but never all in one place.

The ToolThe ExplanationThe Showroom Time Saved

 Value A TradeFind the value of your trade-in vehicle before stepping foot - or tire - on our lot. You can include those funds in your personalized payment30 minutes
or a few chapters of that novel you've
been meaning to begin

Personalize PaymentsWant to add a little more to your down payment to bring down the monthly payment? No worries, you're in control.
We've all got preferences and budgets.

Works with purchases or leases - new or used.
50 minutes
or a stellar mountain biking session
on that trail you've wanted to ride

Prequalify for CreditNot sure about your credit score?
Take these quick steps to do a "soft-pull" and get an idea of where you're at.
Skip this step if your comfortable with your credit.
30 minutes
or make your parking area spotless
(yeah we don't like chores either,
but come on, this is a new vehicle!)

Apply for CreditSafely, quickly and securely submit a credit application. Once completed (and your application is processed) one of our experienced Subaru Outfitters will call you to review your options. 90 minutes
or a justifiable Netflix binge

Select Protection PlansSee what protection plans are available before you hit the showroom - save time by inspecting the importance of these plans before your visit. Not all products are ideal for everyone, so see what makes since in protecting your investment!15 minutes
or just enough time for a celebratory
dance-party honoring your new ride

So what are the next steps?

                       1) Find the vehicle you're looking for

                       2) Tap "Structure My Deal"

                       3) ... from there you just follow the
                               steps and you'll be on your
                                 way to a new ride!