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  • Ron Redfern
    General Manager

    Hometown: Oakland Township, MI

    Interests Include: Cooking on the BBQ or Smoker, Hiking, Being Outdoors, and Hanging out with Friends

    About Ron: 
    Ron is committed to creating a workplace environment where everyone works together as a team to provide an exceptional customer experience. He started his career 28 years ago working at Saturn corporation prior to getting involved in the retail automotive business. Ron attended Northwood University and received his MBA at Northwood DeVos School of Management. 

    Ron Redfern

  • Heather Aberl
    Assistant Office Manager

    Heather Aberl

  • Hannah Rees
    Greeter and Receptionist

  • Ceairra Tigue
    Greeter and Receptionist

  • Andrew Sergent
    Marketing Director

    Andrew Sergent

  • Steve Buckman
    Sales Manager

  • James Cagle
    Sales Manager

  • Eric Gonzalez
    Subaru Outfitter

    Hometown: Muskegon, MI

    Interests Include: Jazz and classical music, golf, fishing and motorsports

    About Eric:

    Eric has a BA in Music Education and an MA in Education. Eric has a passion for Subaru's and loves the safety, utility and durability that the customer receives when owning one.

    Eric Gonzalez

  • Jackie Elicea
    Subaru Outfitter

    Hometown: Clinton Township, MI

    Interests Include: Outside activities, such as long bike rides, trails and star gazing.

    About Jackie:
    Jackie married her best friend in 2010 and spent a few years living in Mexico before a great friend introduced her into the car business at Sellers.  

    Jackie Elicea

  • Tom Squillace
    Subaru Outfitter

    Hometown: Grosse Pointe Woods

    Interests: I like to play golf, and I will swim in any lake or river that I have a chance to.  I also volunteer for the choir and drama programs at my daughters' school. 

    About Tom: I have been an east-sider my whole life and I really enjoy the parks we have in Grosse Pointe.  I have been married for 30 years, and my wife Kathy and I have two teenage daughters. I have been in sales my entire career, but have only recently been in the automotive space.  I am really enjoying the opportunity to meet with people and show them the great cars we have here at Sellers Subaru. 

    Tom Squillace


  • Jason Vela
    Subaru Outfitter
    (habla español)

    Hometown: Shelby Township, MI

    Interests Include: Travel, watching and playing sports, and spending time with family.

    About Jason: Jason has been inthe car business for twelve years. He's very excited to be here at Subaru working with you! And he looks forward to a very long future. 

    Jason Vela

  • Anthony Cornacchini
    Subaru Outfitter

    Hometown: Bloomfield, MI. 

    Interests: Fishing, Mountain Biking, Downhill Skiing, Automotive Racing.


    Currently perusing a bachelors degree from Walsh College in Business Management/ Minor in marketing. I have a four year background in Aftermarket Automotive Sales, specifically for Subaru manufacture as well as other JDM vehicles. Cars are a passion and hobby of mine, being able to sell Subaru's which was the brand that started this fond hobby is a dream come true. Love, its what makes a Subaru a Subaru!

    Anthony Cornacchini

  • Jazlyn Newlin
    Subaru Outfitter

  • Alex Skatkov
    Sales Outfitter

  • Emily Dolecki
    Subaru Outfitter

  • Cameron Mikula
    Delivery Specialist

    I have been with Sellers Auto group for just over two years. My passion is to understand our vehicles and pass on the knowledge to customers! 

    Currently pursuing a degree from Northwood University in Automotive Marketing & Management. My hobbies include BBQing, cars, boating, hanging out with friends, soccer and golf.  

    Cameron Mikula

  • Matt Belz
    Lot Manager

    Hometown: Roseville, MI


    Interests include: Driving, music, volunteering, auto racing & hanging with his two Cocker Spaniels, Cheyanne & Mater


  • Priscilla Vucinaj
    BDC Manager

  • Amy Budzynowski
    Customer Care

  • Chanel Marko
    Customer Care

  • Ashleigh Wurth
    Customer Care

  • Briana Distlerath
    Business Manager

    Hometown: St. Clair Shores, MI


    Interests: Reading, writing, and saving the environment


    About Briana:


    Briana is pursuing her BA in the Science of Psychology. She was referred to the car business by her close friend and began in our customer care department. She loves working with Sellers Subaru and representing a brand that cares just as much about the environment and the community as she does! 

    Briana Alan

  • Kyle Torkler
    Business Manager

  • Ricky Sanchez
    Parts Manager

    Hometown: Waterford, MI

    Interests Include: Hanging out with friends and family, Music, Movies, Playing with his dogs

    About Ricky:
    Ricky has an Associates degree and six years parts experience. 

    Ricky Sanchez

  • Ty Hazelman
    Parts Consultant

  • Snoop
    Parts Consultant

  • Kimberly Rundel
    Service Manager

    Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI

    Interests Include: Golfing and Tigers games

    About Kim:
    Kim has a bachelor in psychology and is currently working on a masters in clinical psychology. Kim has been in the car business for more than 16 years and worked with Subarus for more than six. Subaru really is Kim's favorite brand and she proves it driving her 2010 Subaru Legacy everyday. About her Legacy Kim says, "They really do build a vehicle that is safe and reliable. They also value customer feedback on what changes customers would like to see with their vehicles. They have great customer service and I feel confident working with Subaru."

    Kim Rundel

  • John Moore
    Service Foreman

  • Brad Ernest
    Service Advisor

  • Christina Gerow
    Service Advisor

  • Hope Olson
    Express Service Advisor

    Hometown: St. Clair Shores

    Interests Include: My interests include studying psychology and communications, along with hobbies that involve art and writing. 

    About Yourself: 
    I am a very committed, determined, and compassionate person. I try to create a happy and relaxed environment for anyone I meet and work with. I am fairly new to the career and intend on furthering my education and growing within the Subaru family. I am definitely an animal lover and enjoy all the furry friends and appreciate the opportunity to work at a pet friendly dealership. 

  • Steven Hensley
    Express Service Advisor

  • Alec Walny
    Express Service Advisor

  • Andrew Gross
    Express Technician

  • Bob Athman

  • Brandon Stoner

  • Chris Allen

  • Dom Accettura

  • Jarrett Van Norstrand

  • Louie Licari
    Vehicle Detailer

  • Nathan Worman
    Dealership Maintenance

  • Rocky Vantorre
    Vehicle Detailer

    Hometown: Warren, MI

    Interests: Hanging out with his son, basketball, gaming, car shows, and sports

  • Saad Baayoun
    Vehicle Inspector

  • Scott Yannatta

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