Compare the Subaru Forester to the Dodge Journey

Some names are synonymous with adventure. The Subaru Forester is one of those names. Other brands may call to mind a more powerful reputation, like the Dodge Journey. But even the Journey shows that not all Dodge models are created equal. The same power found on the famous muscle cars and pickup trucks in the Dodge lineup doesn't necessarily translate to this family-focused SUV. When put head to head, there are many areas the Dodge Journey will excel in, passenger space is chief among them. But, when you look at the total package like Sellers Subaru is prone to do, you'll see the Subaru Forester has so much more to offer than the Dodge Journey for Macomb, MI drivers.

  • Impressive Horsepower: The powertrain is the central operation of everything your SUV is capable of doing. The iconic BOXER engine of the Subaru Forester is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder that produces an energetic 182 horsepower and is equipped with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive on every trim. The Dodge Journey gives you a lackluster 172 horsepower from its four-cylinder. All-wheel drive isn't even an option on this midsize competitor. The Journey can tow 1,000 pounds at its strongest, which is 500 pounds fewer than the Forester.
  • Save on Fuel Economy: When you're on the road, you would rather not stop often to refill your fuel tank. The Dodge Journey rates among the middle of the pack with its EPA-estimated 19 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. The Forester allows for fewer stops with legendary 26 mpg on the city streets and 33 mpg when you get out on the highways.
  • Advanced Infotainment Tech: The Uconnect system of the Dodge Journey is a user-friendly operation. But at its most basic model, it only comes with a 4.2-inch touchscreen and lacks any way to sync up your Apple or Android device. Those features come standard on every Forester and start with a 6.5-inch touchscreen. The eight-inch touchscreen for the Starlink system brings you voice-activated navigation. Another operation the Dodge Journey won't provide.

Subaru Forester Specifications

MSRP: Starting at $24,495

  • 2.5-Liter Four-Cylinder Subaru Boxer Engine w. 182 Horsepower
  • MPG: 26 mpg City & 33 mpg Hwy

    Towing Capacity: 1,500 pounds

    Explore Macomb, MI in the Subaru Forester from Sellers Subaru

    What's in a name? When it comes to the Dodge Journey, you'll find not much. At least compared to the Subaru Forester. Take a good look at your SUV choices, and you'll find it excels in many categories, making it the right choice for your next journey.