Routine car maintenance has many benefits. Having your car routinely serviced at a dealership service center enhances these benefits. How? Sellers Subaru explains why it's a good idea to have your car serviced at the Sellers Subaru service center.

Whether you have a vehicle from our new inventory or something fresh from our used selection of cars, our team is prepared to help get you back on the road in Macomb.

The Overall Benefits of Routine Car Service

Proper vehicle maintenance preserves your vehicle's overall fitness. A healthy vehicle is safe and more fuel-efficient. It also saves you time and money. Best of all, a well-kept vehicle has a longer lifespan and better value long-term.

Your vehicle's safety features depend on cohesion between software and mechanical parts. Maintenance ensures that this software and these parts keep performing as required. Vehicle parts that perform to factory standards tend to age better and live longer.

Plus, with routine service, there are fewer mechanical/electrical issues or breakdowns around St. Clair Shores. This prevents you from having to spend valuable time and money on repairs. The psychological benefits of a healthy vehicle can't be overstated.

Benefits of Vehicle Service

Having your vehicle serviced at our service center near Shelby Township automatically streamlines the process. Our team consists of factory-trained techs who know everything there is to know about your make and model. Our techs receive periodic re-training as the maker introduces new technologies into their fleet.

Our dealership service center near Clinton Township stocks OEM parts. The automaker designs OEM parts specifically for your make and model. OEM parts are premium quality, designed to perform optimally.

As an owner of a make and model we service, you have access to service and parts specials year-round. These specials might include

  • Discount coupons on service and parts
  • Free services bundled with other services (free oil change during brake inspection/service)
  • Honor discounts, dealer service points

Our service department prides itself on making your service appointments smooth, convenient, and even enjoyable. Our advanced knowledge of your vehicle make and model means we work in a timely, efficient manner, refreshing your vehicle to factory standards each time.

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