It seems you are getting more choices than ever when it comes to finding an adventurous way to get around Sterling Heights. The streets are getting crowded with new SUVs all the time. Some with legendary names. Others are to be forgotten in just a couple of years. One constant in the rotating field of crossovers is the Subaru Forester from Sellers Subaru. But since you have so many different options to choose from, we thought it would be helpful to see how the Forester measures up against the competition: The Dodge Journey, the new Ford Edge and the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

These three models may be among the most recognizable names on the road around Macomb, MI. The Subaru Forester likes a challenge. So although they may not be direct competitors, they are still vying for your attention. So, we wanted to do a little research to see what makes the Forester stand out. The Forester technically falls in the compact SUV class, which means some categories may not match up directly. The others are considered midsize. Most notably, the Dodge Journey and its seating for up to seven passengers. But the Forester doesn't feel like it surrenders anything to these big boys.

One of the most significant differences between the Forester and the others is all-wheel drive. Sure, the Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with legendary off-road capabilities, right? But does the all-wheel-drive come on every Grand Cherokee, as it does on the Forester? One of these models doesn't even give you a choice to add all-wheel drive. How about fuel economy? Nothing sobers a thrill-seeker like taking time out of the journey to stop and fill up the gas tank. You likely already know about Subaru's tremendous efficiency. But do the other rise to the occasion, too?

Who doesn't like to listen to their favorite songs on the road? Or have easy access to your apps and features? Did you know your smartphone is basically irrelevant when you climb inside one of the Forester's peers? Some even fall short on cargo space. Do you have an idea of which one it maybe? Before you set out on your next weekend getaway, take time to read about the Subaru Forester and its chief competitors. You'll see being a little guy isn't necessarily a bad thing, as Sellers Subaru.

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