The Subaru Winter Experience is the Hottest Winter Driving School

The Subaru brand has launched a school centered on wintertime drifting and driving. Titled the Subaru Winter Experience, this school provides drivers with a unique skillset and firsthand experiences through effective teaching methods.


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The Experience Itself

The Subaru Winter Experience begins with an introduction from rally driver Patrik Sandell as well as Mattias Lonn, Flatout Sweden's CEO. Participants will pair up with another driver, choosing between blue Subaru BRZ, WRX and WRX STI vehicles. Each of these come with custom-made Swedish Lappi tires. Two 30-minute exercises launch the practice, followed by drifting on ice circuits. Afterward, experts sit in the passenger seat to lend feedback on all-wheel drive maneuvering. The full driving circuit is available for students to tackle in the afternoon.

Subaru's driving experience costs $1,450, thousands more affordable than competitors. Located in northern Wisconsin, the school rests amongst pleasantly cold, wintry weather. Learn more by reaching out to Sellers Subaru; we're happy to hook you up with information on this top-notch driving school, as well as details on the latest Subaru WRX and BRZ models to bring the spirit of racing to Macomb.

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