An iconic Subaru Legacy rally car is up for auction

With all the family-focused Subaru commercials out there it can be easy to forget the brand has a rough and tough rally racing side. Imagine tight turns, dust flying everywhere, and curious onlookers lining the roads— and in some cases needing to dive out of the way to avoid their toes being run over! If you can ever make it out to a rally race we at Sellers Subaru strongly encourage it. It's a blast and you will appreciate the brand even more.

The traditional Subaru rally choice is a tuned Impreza. Before that became the premier pick for these wheel-turning athletes it was the Legacy you'd see ripping up a course, and none is more famous than the yellow and blue "555" model from the early 90s. The bright number was splashed across the side of a Legacy that racing legends like Colin McRae, Carlos Sainz, Ari Vatanen, and Richard Burns all sat behind the wheel of.

Why the history reminder, you ask? Well, we bring this up because enthusiasts with cool bank accounts can bid on this iconic model at Silverstone Auction on Feb. 23rd. And we really mean cool bank accounts because it's estimated to go between $160,000 and $190,000!

We 100% understand if you don't have that kind of money lying around for a '93 Subaru that's seen its fair share of rough driving. Instead, visit our Macomb, MI dealership to check out our new Subaru Legacy models or our used Subaru Legacy inventory. You might not be able to take these off-the-lot Legacy's on a rally course, but with the standard symmetrical all-wheel drive you'll feel confident on bumpy rumps and in all conditions.

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